Apeks Recycle

Apeks Recycling Co. started its production activities in 2008 on an 8,600 m² factory facility and in 2014, we made new investment decisions with the experience and knowledge gained over time, and continued our way by increasing our production capacity on 22600 m² factory facility with the addition of 14000 m² new land and facilities. With the quality that we adopted as Apeks Recycling Co. family and our solution partnership with our customers, we provide solutions and contribute to our country's recycling activities, resource utilization efficiency, energy and cost savings, employment and environmental pollution with our PET flake product AFLEKS and our plastic granule product GRANEKS.

Protecting the environment and the green nature that we dream, solutions for social and economic responsibility, starts with recycling.

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The main purpose of recycling is to obtain available raw materials from wastes, instead of using new raw materials. Due to the rapid industrialization in the world, increase on the demand for raw materials caused an increase on the demand for recycling.

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Recycling of many materials used in daily life is important to remain our natural resources to the future generations and for the protection of the ecological balance of our world. There are many areas where we can recycle. Among these, the most known and used is the plastic recycling.

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